How to Create an Efficient Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing

Marketing is all about building brand awareness, engaging with your target audience, and swaying customers' minds into selecting your products and services over your competitors. With your website as your only 24-hour salesman, a solid content strategy will be the backbone of all your marketing campaigns. The content you create and distribute should pique the interest of your target audience. Once you have captured their attention, you may have several opportunities to request more information about them. Read more

How to Identify a Good Marketing Consultant

According to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, most businesses are small and family-owned. Many small businesses struggle to earn enough to hire a full-time marketer let alone a senior marketer. Those that can, often struggle to fully utilize their combined talents. Because of this, they look to hire a marketing consultant to help address these pains - they still need to grow after all. Read more

How to Create & Use Audience Profiles

Small Business Advice

Introduction to Audience Profiles

Whether you are a startup or an established business, you must have encountered a scenario along these lines: everything is going smoothly, you have a product or a service prepared to market, so you sit down to consider... what now? What’s next? Read more