Founded by Experienced Professional Marketing Consultants

Danielle Sharp and David Bell founded Sharp & Bell Consulting in August, 2020. Passionate about small businesses and vibrant communities they create, Danielle and David sought out to develop a new kind of marketing firm. One that would become a trusted resource for small business owners throughout BC. Providing more than professional services alone, SB|C also offers advice, training, and workshops. In doing so, they aim to help all small businesses regardless of their budget.

Danielle Sharp

Danielle Sharp, MA

A visionary relationship steward, Danielle Sharp has managed portfolios generating millions of dollars in revenue for non-profit organizations. Working with vendors large and small, Danielle creates holistic and comprehensive integrated marketing campaigns, building trust, loyalty, and lifetime value.

David Bell

David Bell

A decorated U.S. veteran, award winning website developer, and experienced marketing consultant, David Bell balances business strategy with marketing execution. Throughout his career he has worked with companies ranging from small family owned plumbers, to emerging space ports, and Fortune 500's.

Facilitating Small Business Growth Throughout BC

S&B|C empowers small businesses with the knowledge, infrastructure, and professional services necessary to achieve an ideal cost-per-customer in their marketing and advertising efforts. As a result of this approach, businesses can navigate marketing channels intelligently and test ideas in way that will helps them achieve long term growth.

  • We focus specifically on British Columbia and its quaint towns and vibrant cities - understanding every nuance to both business markets and consumer behavior.
  • We track customers and touchpoints using everything from Excel documents to CRM’s, website analytics, and 360-degree marketing platforms. We recognize that it's not the platform that is important, but the data.
  • We track cost-per-lead, cost-per-customer, and return on ad spend for each marketing channel, campaign, and advertisement. We use this information to make informed decisions around channel usage, website design, graphics, media, and messaging.
  • We provide businesses with in-depth market research, comprehensive customer insights, and actionable competitor analyses.

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