When it comes to phone systems, your business is no different than anyone else's. An affordable, secure, and scalable phone system is critical to growing your business. While purchasing a phone system software as a service subscription may sound like a good idea, it is far more costly and less scalable than you think.

Voice Over IP (VoIP) is the backbone of millions of small businesses small and large. Setup the correct way, you can pay as low as $1 per month for each phone number you have, and as low as $.005 per minute of use. That's a fraction of a penny per minute of use!

You can have a phone tree, an employee directory, and even link your VoIP system to your CRM and Microsoft Teams accounts.

As VoIP experts, we will help you configure your phone system to suit your needs. When we are done, you will be able to make and receive calls from any device and manage your own system from the cloud. And if you need support, we will be a phone call or email away.

Why use VoIP over a SAAS call system?

  • Save money by using your computer, tablet, iPhone, or Android device to make and receive calls. While you can always purchase VoIP compatible phones for your office, it is not necessary. And to run your services, there's no need for special equipment. It's all managed in the cloud with no monthly fee aside from your numbers and minutes.
  • Scale with easy and only pay for what you use. Unlike flat-rate call system subscriptions where each number can be $35 or more, phone numbers cost around $1 per month and you can have as many as you need. As for the minutes, you pay for only what you use.
  • Maintain excellent security – with encryption and advanced reports, dashboards, usage details and much more. Keep your audio recordings, phone call records, and texts in one central area in the cloud and control it using best practices. And if you have concerns, support is a phone call or email away.

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